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Long Needed Update

2016-01-09 00:26:04 by danreaperd

wow its been along time and i realised my animation doesn't look up to date on this page.

So i'll post some tests i've worked on recently. Some of them are not finished some are you'll have to see.

Yay! ALSO!
I joined Djjaner'sTournament:
He updates it on his page so go there if you wanna see the details, he's made two posts so far and I can't wait to see the outcome!

Back to the tests! Basically if you want to see them all finished and with sound i'll upload the whole thing onto my youtube channel.

What I have been doing

2014-11-29 07:02:15 by danreaperd

So, since I made the last animation i have being wanting to make more!

But the way i animated was terrible.

So i decided i'd actually look up a tutorial for once instead of grabbing random sprites and mashing them together!

With the help of Kezlads AWESOME tutorials I started making another animation this time improved!

This is just a little bit of it but until it is done i'm probably going to procasinate!

It's Approved!

2014-11-08 09:39:50 by danreaperd

My FIRST ANIMATION WAS APPROVED! PARTY! But seriously thank you all! THANKS SO MUCH! I'm gonna go cry! Of joy. Tahnks so much!

first Post under Judgement!

2014-11-07 23:17:19 by danreaperd

Woo! Can't wait to get a deny! .. oh. Whatever!

So its not my first account ages ago i had one forgot it though but im relitively new to newgrounds. Hoping to sumbit something soon!