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Entry #5

Long Needed Update

2016-01-09 00:26:04 by danreaperd

wow its been along time and i realised my animation doesn't look up to date on this page.

So i'll post some tests i've worked on recently. Some of them are not finished some are you'll have to see.

Yay! ALSO!
I joined Djjaner'sTournament:
He updates it on his page so go there if you wanna see the details, he's made two posts so far and I can't wait to see the outcome!

Back to the tests! Basically if you want to see them all finished and with sound i'll upload the whole thing onto my youtube channel.


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2016-03-11 06:34:43

Gay sex

danreaperd responds:

hahaha you found me


2016-05-10 04:09:32

I am a really big hypocrite, don't tell anyone though.

danreaperd responds:

its ok we know


2016-05-14 22:22:53

I used to be a Madness fag once, now I hate Madness.

Also stick animation is cancer just like Madness.

danreaperd responds:

madness fag is different to liking madness.


2016-06-10 11:18:18

Dude, you animate way better now, great improvment!